Pantomime songs and lyrics add tempo to every show or musical

Whether you’re looking for a lover’s lament, a solo for your hero, a song and dance, or a flash of thunder from the villain, we have new songs for every panto possibility. Just search our catalogue to find the perfect one for your show.

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Characters, wild, wicked or wonderful are the lifeblood of a pantomime. The songs they perform bring them to life and illuminate the show. We specialise in creating and publishing original songs especially for characters in pantomimes and musical shows. Whether it’s a professional production, a school play, a village hall panto, a local theatrical show, even a company Christmas ‘do’ we can contribute songs that will add sparkle and colour. Our songs have even been used in business conference presentations – with adapted lyrics!

Excite your audience with memorable melodies and lyrics! Our speciality is in writing songs for specific characters and themes. Perhaps you need a lusty and robust chorus for pirates. Maybe a jazzed up lyric, or a smoky, bluesy jazz number for a temptress. We have love songs; male or female duets and solos; and lively, upbeat song and dance numbers for boys and girls. We can make suggestions for choices from our catalogue or you can browse it, here on the site, listening to the songs and seeing the sheet music.

Whether it’s a full-scale theatrical production, a village hall extravaganza, a local theatre, a company Christmas Show or a school play, your show will benefit from our special songs. On the following pages you can hear what we mean and get a glimpse of what inspires us.

 Songs Books 

3 books piledWe have now released 30 original songs from our catalogue in the form of three new Pantomime Songs Books.

Each song has the full score, in a lie-flat spiral bound book, printed on sturdy 100 gsm paper.

Each book includes a CD containing the audio tracks for all the songs – with and without the vocals. The audio tracks allow you to learn the song and then rehearse with the backing music.

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Song Customisation Available

We can also write songs to order, with a quick turn-around time, and modify any of our lyrics or keys to fit your requirements.

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