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At Pantomime Songs Limited, we can help you to build tempo and magic into any show, with great, original songs for any occasion. Our songs are perfect for pantomimes, of course, but they also work well elsewhere, for example school plays and variety shows.  Our catalogue is constantly expanding: we aim to provide songs for for all principal roles and chorus needs.

Sometimes we go outside the boundaries of pantomime and some of our songs explore very different ideas. We employ all types of music, some of it providing exciting dancing: rumba, tango, bossa nova, cakewalks and waltzes as well as rock ‘n’ roll, rap and full-on show tunes. We have jazz, blues and reggae; enchanting 5:4 rhythms and marches.

Pantomime Songs Limited is a result of the work of over twenty people, led by Richard Lamming. Richard has been creating and writing songs for shows for many years. By offering songs to complement your score, Richard and his colleagues can support your creative team.

Whether you need a song for a full-scale professional production, traditional family pantomime, adult panto, a local theatre show, a school play production, or a  village hall extravaganza, we can provide suggestions and help to make the event magical and memorable. We have an extensive catalogue of songs to choose from and it is growing all the time. We can modify any of our lyrics or music for you, to fit any character – pantomime or otherwise. Or perhaps your show would benefit from having a specially composed song.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Featured Song of the Month:

Here’s a proud and slightly manic stomp for Captain Hook!Leader of Men

  • Leader of Men NEW

    Price: £4.00£13.20

    A stomping romp for Captain Hook, a master of derring-do and a leader of men (although he is less than complimentary about his crew: they’re a disaster!) A bold trumpet adds to the excitement.  His gallant crew join in. At the end, it is perhaps the captain who is keeping up with his men! Lots of opportunity for strutting about, lolloping, frightening the children, etc.

Song Customisation Available

We can also write songs to order, with a quick turn-around time, and modify any of our lyrics or keys to fit your requirements.

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