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Every theatrical production needs life and tempo. Animate your school play, village hall extravaganza, local theatre show or pantomime with toe-tapping melodies and lyrics. We have a great portfolio of songs for every type of pantomime character from the wicked to the wonderful, lusty robust Pirates to Dames; song and dance for girls and boys; duets or solos. The selection is extensive but if nothing is quite right then we can produce something bespoke for you. We can modify our lyrics or the key to suit any pantomime character, and create and compose songs to order. Just get in touch(link to contact page) if you need any help.

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  • A New Cinderella NEW

    Price: From: £4.00

    A uniquely beautiful, wistful solo for Cinderella to sing as she sweeps the floor. Verses in 5/4 – giving a lovely lilt to the song as she sweeps. The centre section is a gentle waltz. She tells us about her hopes for the future when she will no longer be just a girl but a New Cinderella, living her dream. Flute accompaniment completes the exquisite beauty of this piece.

  • Don’t Want Yo’ Spendin’ Yo’ Money! (Ugly Sisters’ Duet)

    Price: From: £4.00

    A bluesy, swing jazz number with a swing middle 8.  The two ugly sisters give their long-suffering father a hard time about spending money on himself.  They warn him that he should think only of leaving his wealth to his “little girls. Solo on piano, sax, trumpet, etc.

  • It’s Not What you Know But Who You Know That Knows it

    Price: From: £4.00

    Buttons tells Cinders that she will have a great time when she joins high society but that she has to network- and that he will always be there for her. Dance section in the middle


  • Nice and Easy

    Price: From: £4.00

    Smoky, bluesy, bar-room jazz number. Two alluring temptresses ply their wiles on an unsuspecting male (perhaps the principal boy), telling him to relax while they take care of business. Tenor sax solo