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Santa’s New Sleigh flies in Horsham!

Brad Fitt’s super Christmas play Santa’s New Sleigh was a hit with kids and families at the Capitol Theatre in Horsham in December.  Produced and directed by Sam Bradshaw. Sam managed to beat the lockdown and the show ran for … Continue reading

Further news from Mars

In his second week on the red planet, our space traveller, Henry Burden, reports on an interesting find. 26th February 2021 Eighth day on Mars… I’d have updated sooner, but NASA keeps sending ‘instructions’… I appear to have secured some … Continue reading

Life on Mars

Our intrepid explorer, Henry Burden, reports from Mars … 18th February 2021 Jezero Crater, Mars We had a good landing on Mars!!! Bit hard to breathe though, and I have some nasty gritty particles in my teeth. Gathered some volcanic … Continue reading

Santa’s New Sleigh WILL fly this year!

Best news for a long while: the Sam Bradshaw Productions performance of Bradd Fitt’s lovely Christmas play has been given the green light to run at The Capitol, Horsham from December 12th – 24th! We really enjoyed creating the music … Continue reading

An interview with the Otago Daily Times

We were contacted by reporter Rebecca Fox to explain our involvement in the Globe Theatre, Dunedin’s upcoming production of Aladdin. Pantomime, it seems is not well known in the land of the kiwi… Thursday, 26 November 2020 Panto aims at … Continue reading

And now for something completely different!

We have been working on several different things during lock down and found ourselves playing with some SATB choral stuff. Hardly panto, you might say: and you would be right! We’re still thinking about how best to present these songs … Continue reading

The Order of Love is Coming!

Why are Malacoda and Syrah not speaking? Find out soon. Is it just about Sorrel? Or something to do with entropy? The Order of Love is coming!

Lollipops All Round!

Our good friends at Lollipop Theatre, in Dubai, have had a tough time with schools closed all round the gulf region this year. Their travelling musical shows usually entertain over 12,000 school children, in dozens of schools, each season. But … Continue reading

Merry Muddle Magic on the High Seas!

… well, not quite! The famous and much-loved Cunard ocean liner Queen Elizabeth II [better known as QE2] doesn’t get out much these days. She retired from sea-going duties in 2008 and started a whole new life as a luxury … Continue reading

2020: Pantomime Songs in New Zealand

Well, the folks at The Globe Theatre in the beautiful city of Dunedin, on the East coast of the South Island of New Zealand, are making the most of the low levels of COVID-19 in their country and mounting a … Continue reading

2019: Our busiest year so far!

2019 saw the development and performance of our second major musical: The Order of Love, with book and music by Richard Lamming and John Bessant. Two years in the making, it was premiered in Devon in October to four sell-out … Continue reading