C’est derrière vous! Ah Oui! c’est vrai!

And now for something (really) completely different!

Presentation1-001Our friends in Gex (France – near Geneva) are starring in something amazing: Uncle Tarzan: Une Pantomime Anglaise! This amazing production is created and produced by TheatreFranglais and is complete with perfect English double entendres and classic French insults!

The songs are interesting too!

This is the second production the troupe has produced (using a mix of actors and local children, etc.) – a sequel to La Belle & Le Bete (Beauty and the Beast for those who failed French GCSE).

As you can see below – they are an interesting ensemble. A must to check out, we think.

All the contact information is here.


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A merry cast indeed! And all fluent in Franglais.