About Us

Songs and lyrics for your productions

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We help our clients to build originality and difference into any type of musical, with great, memorable songs for any occasion (please have a look at our testimonials – and our  PARTNERS  page).

We write to order for three or four clients at any one time: from a couple of songs to complete scores and sound design . Our  catalogue is constantly expanding: we provide songs for for all principal roles and chorus needs: from one song to complete sound tracks and scores .

We constantly explore a wide range of different musical ideas –  exciting styles such as: hip hop, rumba, tango, bossa nova, cakewalks and waltzes as well as rock ‘n’ roll, rap and full-on show tunes. We have jazz, blues and reggae; enchanting 5:4 rhythms and marches.

Pantomime Songs Limited is a result of the work of over twenty people, led by Richard Lamming. Richard has been creating and writing songs for shows for many years.  Richard and his colleagues can support your creative team.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.