Panto Song Book 1

Pantomime Songs Book Number 1

We have now released 30 of our original songs in the form of three new Pantomime Songs Books.

Each song has the full score (piano, vocals and some suggested solo instruments) in a lie-flat spiral bound book, printed on sturdy 100 gsm paper.

Each book includes a CD containing the audio tracks for all the songs – with and without the vocals. The audio tracks allow you to learn the song and then rehearse with the backing music.

You can buy each book separately or all three for a generously discouted price!  Prices are 10% lower for an introductory period.

You can click on any song title to hear the audio tracks  before you buy.


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Pantomime Songs Book Number 1

Panto Song Book 1

Several great songs for Cinderella and others that can fit in any show, inlcuding Golden Age and the popular Woodland Cakewalk for the chorus. The backing trio on The Inventor’s Song (perhaps Gepetto or just any nutty professor) get their own extra three-part harmony vocal score.

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