Pantomime Songs performed at ISPIM conference in Helsinki June 2013

Pantomime songs being performed at ISPIM conferenceJuly 2013

The leading international network conference for professionals and academics in the field of innovation management, ISPIM , gathered in Helsinki last month for its annual conference. The midnight sun did wonders for the spirited conversations in this beautiful city and, as usual, the conference was a massive success.

ISPIM is a lively and exciting association and its members are always looking for something different.  This time, Pantomime Songs went along to put something innovative into the first morning’s keynote speeches.  Regular Pantomime Songs Limited contributors, John Bessant and Richard Lamming (both incidentally innovation-oriented academics) were joined by soprano Pippa West from the Bishopsteignton Players: they are a Devon trio collectively known on the gigging circuit as Rubato (formely Heresy) taking the stage in the opening session to present A Sideways Look At Innovation ManagementThis was a 30 minute ‘keynote revue,’ complete with sketches, songs and special effects.  Several Pantomime Songs were featured, with lyrics especially adapted for the occasion, to tell the stories of topics such as ‘open innovation’, ‘crowd-sourcing’, ‘supply chains’, ‘diffusion’, and ‘dynamic capability’ to the packed conference, in Helsinki’s beautiful Passitorni conference centre .

The performance included new versions of old favourites from the Pantomime Songs catalogue: Snoopin’Around (as Use Our Ideas), Golden Age (as Use Our Ideas), It’s Not What You Know But Who You Know That Knows It  (extracted from its usual place in Cinderella) as well as the yet-to-be-released rap-based Jack the Lad and the bossanova solo, Boy Meets Girl. Watch the Twitter feed for these two!

The 500+ participants enjoyed the show – and the innovation management messages got across too. Many people commented that it was appropriate for a conference focusing on innovation to try something innovative.

ISPIM Executive Director, Iain Bitran, says “I was aware beforehand that this was going to be a rather different keynote, but I was not aware just how good it was going to be! The reaction of our delegates said it all. People rushed up to me afterwards to tell me this was the best keynote presentation ever – not only was it entertaining, but it also delivered exactly the right message! Simply genius – thank you!”

Perhaps the grand old art of pantomime has something to contribute to the world of business and academia (and not just casting your senior managers as Baron Hardup and the Ugly Sisters, or your MBA lecturer as Abanazar, eh, Readers ?!: Ed.)

Watch out for the video – coming soon!

Meanwhile, Rubato are preparing for upcoming conference gigis in London, Munich, Geneva and Budapest.

Se on takanasi!

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Devon-based Rubato are: Pippa West, John Bessant and Richard Lamming.