The Pantomime Horse Trilogy: Part 1

Netti So, what does your pantomime horse do after a tough panto season, treading the boards? Relax on the beach at Sandown?  Do some temp work, hacking on Dartmoor?  Or perhaps there is a very rewarding contract on a stud farm…!

Well, while he/she has time to enjoy an alternative occupation, perhaps entertaining you in those long summer evenings round the campfire, we at Pantomime Songs Limited have some distractions to suggest; a little exercise in the form of three, well honed sketches, starring your very own pantomime horse in a Western setting.

The first episode finds our hero in a very unusual situation! Brokeback Mountain was never like this!

Enjoy “A Cowboy Says Goodbye to his Floozie”Download PDF from Pantomime SOngs Ltd

Next: watch out for Episode 2:
“A Cowboy Was Saying Goodbye to his Horse”!